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Nunes’ Pathetic Charade Proves He’s Running A Trump Protection Racket

DNC Senior Adviser Zac Petkanas issued the following statement:

Is Corporation Commission Considered Archaic?

A task force to evaluate whether the Oklahoma Corporation Commission is “properly structured to efficiently operate in the 21st Century”

RELEASE: Renew Tax Credit for High-End Economic Development Projects

House Bill 2131, the Tourism Development Act, was endorsed 84-5 by the House on Tuesday and will be transmitted to the Senate for consideration.

RELEASE: House Supports Spending and Performance Measures

State agencies would be subjected to spending and performance audits under three measures approved this week in the Oklahoma House of Representatives.

RELEASE: House Dem Caucus – State House Unanimously Endorses Daycare Tax Credit for Military Families

Legislation that would authorize a state income tax credit for daycare expenses incurred by families of deployed military personnel sailed through the House of Representatives on Monday.