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26 Aug

Senator Boren responds to Gov. Stitt’s attack on professional educators

Mary Boren, D-Norman, warned against Gov. Kevin Stitt’s executive order claiming to protect school employees from being pressured into paying union dues.

18 Aug

Education Secretary Focused on Tearing Down Public Education

Walters is more interested in distracting from real issues facing our schools with his fake “wokism” balderdash

22 Jul

Scandals, Corruption, and Cronyism Flood Oklahoma

Stitt has doomed our state with his ongoing scandals, corruption, and cronyism

23 Mar

House Passes Tulsa Reconciliation Education Scholarship Expansion

House Bill 4154, authored by Rep. Regina Goodwin, D-Tulsa, and Sen. George Young, D-OKC, allows students from outside of Tulsa to qualify for the Tulsa Reconciliation Scholarship

10 Mar

Republican Voucher Bills Contradict Will of People

We need lawmakers truly passionate about strengthening our public education, not preoccupied with national headlines and saving their careers

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