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19 Aug

Nichols Reacts to Governor’s Comments on Hulbert Schools

The greatest asset COVID has in Oklahoma is not misinformation, it’s Governor Kevin Stitt.

26 May

Fugate Responds to Legislation Limiting COVID-19 Requirements

This bill is not about freedom. It isn’t about health or safety. It’s about imposing one’s personal choices on others.

12 May

Black Caucus Members Respond to Ardmore Public School Incident

I am disappointed by the decision of Ardmore Public Schools to punish students and interrupt their learning

03 May

Oklahoma Democratic Party Demands That Stitt Veto HB1775

This bill is shameful. We owe it to future generations as well as society today to teach the truth and educate about our past no matter how uncomfortable the topics may be

31 Mar

Student Borrower’s Bill of Rights Closer to Becoming Law

The Student Borrower’s Bill of Rights would create a fair, clear, and common-sense approach to lending

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