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16 Sep

Delay of SQ 820 Another Stitt Political

Stitt is thwarting the people's will with his hands all over the continuous delays

26 Aug

Senator Boren responds to Gov. Stitt’s attack on professional educators

Mary Boren, D-Norman, warned against Gov. Kevin Stitt’s executive order claiming to protect school employees from being pressured into paying union dues.

18 Aug

Education Secretary Focused on Tearing Down Public Education

Walters is more interested in distracting from real issues facing our schools with his fake “wokism” balderdash

28 Jul

The GOP Game of Distraction and Pivoting

We must not be distracted by the Republicans and Stitt's pathetic tactics of pivoting

26 Jul

When Will the OKGOP Wake-up?

Oklahoma Republicans have a responsibility to stand up to hatred among their candidates and leaders

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