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Media Contact:
Angela Allmond, Communications Director
Oklahoma Democratic Party

Scandals, Corruption, and Cronyism Flood Oklahoma

OKLAHOMA CITY—JULY 22, 2022 – Stitt and his hand-picked education secretary, Ryan Walters, are neck deep in corruption, and the Federal government is not holding back. They are making Stitt accountable for multiple programs’ misuse of $650 thousand in COVID relief funds. U.S. Department of Education auditors found that Oklahoma failed to follow the required Federal guidelines for four education relief programs, poor record keeping, and no supporting documentation for one of those four programs. All under Stitt and Walter’s control and approval.

“Stitt has called for many internal state audits, then, he has refused to release the findings, demonstrating that his call for transparency is nothing more than blowing smoke. He doesn’t want voters to know that he has been dealing behind closed doors with Walters and his cronies. He blames their corrupt actions on others. He is willing to taint, destroy and defund public education to save his and his comrades’ backsides all while hiding the careless spending from the public,” stated Alicia Andrews, Chairwoman of the Oklahoma Democratic Party.

“Oklahoma has already returned $2.9 million in Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Funds (GREER grant) because funds were not distributed in accordance with the CARES Act. Stitt and Walters have given up on our students, teachers, parents, and public education. They are instead laser-focused on stripping down public education, finding ways to funnel public tax dollars into private education, and lining the pockets of those pushing their voucher agenda,” continued Andrews.

“Stitt has doomed our state with his ongoing scandals, corruption, and cronyism. He touts his phenomenal business skills and ability to make Oklahoma a top-10 state. He has failed to procure new businesses in Oklahoma likely because our state is ranked as the worst to live in for women, we attack education, poor health outcomes, and lack of equality support. Imagine if Stitt had spent as much time doing his job, properly funding public education instead of all these back-door deals. In that case, Oklahoma could be climbing up from the bottom of nearly every low-ranking list, and just maybe Oklahoma could become a top 10 state voters could be proud of,” concluded Andrews.