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Angela Allmond, Communications Director
Oklahoma Democratic Party

When Will the OKGOP Wake-up?

OKLAHOMA CITY—JULY 26, 2022 – The silence from the OKGOP and our state’s Republican leaders is deafening regarding their hate-filled, bigoted candidates. It’s almost as if the Republicans are afraid to stand up against one of their own bullies for fear of political retaliation and loss of voter support. Their inaction should clearly demonstrate their true character and alliance.

“Oklahoma Republicans have a notorious and sickening history of either promoting hatred or not publicly condemning dangerous hateful vitriol, especially during a volatile time in our history. And this is as our nation is still reeling after insurrectionists stormed the U.S. Capitol in the name of Christian Nationalism,” noted Scott J. Hamilton, Oklahoma Democratic Party Executive Director.

“Oklahoma Republicans have a responsibility to stand up to hatred among their candidates and leaders,” stated Hamilton. “To remain silent alone shows that the OKGOP supports antisemitism and bigotry towards LGBTQ+ groups and has no backbone to put the fair treatment of any marginalized group ahead of politics. There is no place for hate and intolerance from candidates, leaders, or the Republican Party. Silence only allows the ugly head of bigotry to grow until it is out of control, as we have seen on the national stage and throughout our country’s history.

“It’s easy for the Oklahoma Republican Party and Republican leaders to hide from directly dealing with complex issues because they may not understand the different cultural wars at play. This is why all candidates and leaders need to be better informed and more aware of our differences and start applying critical thinking before they run for office and attend diversity training while in office. When we raise and hold our children accountable not to hate, no less should be accepted from our adult leaders,” Hamilton concluded.


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