The 2024 Democratic National Convention will be held in Chicago, Illinois on August 19-22, 2024. The convention is a major event in the life of a political party, and convention delegates are at the heart of all decisions made. In addition to voting for the party’s presidential and vice presidential nominees, delegates to the Democratic National Convention have an opportunity to vote on the party’s platform and resolutions, as well as the rules that govern the party. For more information or to sign up for updates from the national party and convention committee, please visit: or

Oklahoma DNC National Delegates


  • Shezad Batliwala
  • Khadija Goz
  • Crystal LaGrone
  • Bruce Niemi
  • Bettye Rector


  • Debra Proctor
  • Paula Strickland
  • John Weston
  • Francis Harjo


  • Jeff Berrong
  • Arturo Delgado
  • Sarah Carnes
  • Camryn Paulson


  • Kimberly Eaton
  • Kevin Dawson
  • Loretta Autry
  • Connor Boren


  • Jana Harkins
  • Chris Odneal
  • Shalondra Harrison
  • Jekia Pendleton-Harrison
  • Joshua Harris-Till
  • Kevin O’Connor


  • Amanda Swope
  • Arturo Alonso-Sandoval
  • George Young Sr.
  • Regina Goodwin
  • Elizabeth Foreman


  • Antwuan Jackson II
  • Matthew Lucas
  • Judy Ross Moore
  • Michael O’Rourke
  • Lindsey Smith
  • Mark Smith
  • Daniel Williams
  • Michael Woods


  • James Frasier
  • Ed Bolt
  • Rita Maxwell