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26 May

DNC on the 100th Anniversary of the Tulsa Black Wall Street Massacre and President Biden’s Visit

President Biden’s trip to Tulsa sheds an important light on this dark chapter in our nation’s history that for far too long was swept aside and unspoken.

12 May

Black Caucus Members Respond to Ardmore Public School Incident

I am disappointed by the decision of Ardmore Public Schools to punish students and interrupt their learning

03 May

Oklahoma Democratic Party Demands That Stitt Veto HB1775

This bill is shameful. We owe it to future generations as well as society today to teach the truth and educate about our past no matter how uncomfortable the topics may be

29 Apr

Grassroots Coalition Holds Press Conference on Launch of SQ816 Veto Referendum Campaign

A number of speakers will address the media this Thursday. The list includes legislative leadership as well as community leaders

15 Apr

Oklahoma Democratic Party Denounces Republican’s Attempt to Intimidate Lawful Protesters

Republicans will stop at nothing to intimidate and scare marginalized communities

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