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Angela Allmond, Communications Director
Oklahoma Democratic Party

The GOP Game of Distraction and Pivoting

OKLAHOMA CITY—JULY 28 2022 – Oklahoma Republicans are again flinging false attacks on Democrats for their own blunders. The only way the GOP knows how to deal with the successes and accomplishments of Democrats and the Biden administration is to blame others while they hide their own scandals and corrupt actions. Oklahomans are tired of hearing the whining of a Party that has been running our state for over 11 years. The Bridge the Gap program was designed to allocate $8 million from the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief (GEER) Fund to help low-income families and students during the pandemic.

“The Federal government has demanded funds be returned for questionable expenditures and failure to follow regulations. But Oklahoma Republicans are instead deflecting from their own failures by blaming Democrats. Stitt forced Oklahoma school districts to return to in-person learning, putting the health and safety of teachers and students at risk and eventually leading to extreme outbreaks that pushed school closings. He is now pointing fingers and trying to pivot on the issues because the Feds are onto his mishandling of the money on his watch,” stated Oklahoma Democratic Party Executive Director Scott J. Hamilton.

“Stitt called for an internal audit to make it look like he was looking into the issue but refused to disclose the findings. The Federal government wasn’t having any of this mischief. Stitt claims to be an accomplished businessman who would make Oklahoma a top 10 state. He has instead proven how he would turn us into the lowest ranking State in the union while making him the worst corrupt governor in history,” continued Hamilton.

“We must not be distracted by the Republicans and Stitt’s pathetic tactics of pivoting and passing blame. Stitt is desperate to remain relevant as scandals engulf him and those he has appointed. The only ones to blame for our State’s failures are Stitt and his cronies, who will bow to his every wish. It’s important for voters to clearly understand that Stitt isn’t looking out for Oklahomans’ best interest. He is only interested in himself, his vanity, and how he can turn a profit for himself and his friends. Come November, Oklahomans’ voices will be heard,” concluded Hamilton.


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