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Angela Allmond, Communications Director
Oklahoma Democratic Party

Education Secretary Focused on Tearing Down Public Education

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK — August 18, 2022 – Ryan Walters, Stitt’s unilaterally appointed Education Secretary, continues to fail at putting your child’s public education first. Instead, he spends all of his time ripping public education apart with school vouchers that steal money from public education funds and funnel it into private schools all while destroying teachers’ and librarians’ ability to put their children’s education before political agendas.

“When you are a leader responsible for every child’s education, not just an exclusive few, your responsibility is to ensure all children receive quality public services and resources,” commented Alicia Andrews, Chair of the Oklahoma Democratic Party. “Oklahoma citizens pay public taxes and expect those taxes not to leave the public services in their area. Why isn’t Walters, a public servant himself, focused on strengthening public education instead of siphoning the public dollars for private use?” asked Andrews.

“Walters is failing as Education Secretary. He will further tank public education at our children’s expense if elected for a higher job that he is unqualified to manage. Considering him for Superintendent of Public Instruction will subject our children to more cuts, more culture wars, and less public dollars for education resources, and embolden more anti-public-education acts like school vouchers and banning books. Based on the failure of the ClassWallet debacle, Walters has demonstrated his lack of focus on the entirety of the job he currently holds. Why should we promote him?

“Oklahoma deserves better than what Walters has demonstrated as to what he will do for Oklahoma. Qualified and better-informed leaders understand how important public education is to the future of our state as well as better preparing students to handle going out into the world and to be better equipped to face diverse situations,” continued Andrews.

“What takes place in classrooms and schools can make or break our state. A strong public education is essential to our community and the development of future citizens to be competitive in a global world and economy. Walters is more interested in distracting from real issues facing our schools with his fake “wokism” balderdash. It’s vitally important that the public not be fooled into believing that Walters has their children’s education first on his mind. If he did, he wouldn’t be using students and teachers as political pawns and ignoring the real public education crisis our state is dealing with – teacher shortages and an underfunded education system,” Andrews concluded.


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