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Angela Allmond, Communications Director
Oklahoma Democratic Party

Stitt Runs to Putin-Lover for Financial Support

OKLAHOMA CITY—APRIL 14, 2022 – Oklahomans are facing high energy prices, inflation, food supply issues, and higher gas prices, yet Stitt is down in Mar-a-Largo dancing cheek-to-cheek with a failed former twice-impeached Putin-loving leader begging for financial support for his re-election. He has no plans or answers to solving the economic crisis happening in our state other than passing made-up blame onto others.

“It was only days ago Stitt was playing chess with another Putin supporter, now he’s out of state playing up to a failed leader for money while Oklahomans are digging into their savings to make ends meet,” stated Alicia Andrews, Oklahoma Democratic Party Chair. “Stitt proves over and over again that he cares only about himself, not Oklahomans.

“Stitt is nothing more than a failed leader himself. He’s an embarrassment to Oklahoma,” Andrews stated.

“As gas prices soared, why didn’t Stitt call out the energy industry for placing stakeholders over consumers? When energy companies wanted to jack up prices after the winter storms, he sided with big corporations instead of working families. And this is the guy running our state claiming that he’s making Oklahoma a top 10 state?,” Andrews asked.

“Our citizens living on a fixed income are hit the hardest, but Stitt is more concerned about protecting big corporations and financing his campaign over some of our most vulnerable. We need a new leader who has both the desire and ability to support working families instead of those lining his pockets, and that includes a serial violator of one’s oath of office, endangering our democracy, and praising a war criminal,” Andrews concluded.


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