Communications & Public Affairs
April 12, 2022

Wes Carter, Press Secretary
Oklahoma House Democratic Caucus
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Minority Leader Issues Statement on Oklahoma Abortion Law

OKLAHOMA CITY — House Minority Leader Emily Virgin, D-Norman, released the following statement in response to Governor Kevin Stitt signing Senate Bill 612 on Tuesday.

“Today, Governor Stitt, flanked by legislative Republicans, signed what must be close to Oklahoma’s 100th ban on abortion. Like the others, this attempt will be challenged in court at the expense of Oklahoma taxpayers, and like the others, it will be ruled unconstitutional.

“I agree with Oklahoma Attorney General John O’Connor, Governor Stitt’s appointee, who said in his U.S. Senate confirmation hearing, Roe v. Wade is ‘settled law, super precedent’ and ‘binding decisions of the Supreme Court are to be followed by all lower courts.’ O’Connor even went as far as to say that if confirmed, he would ‘faithfully apply Roe and all other such precedents.’

“Most important, however, is that this law and many others pushed by legislative Republicans are detrimental to the health of Oklahomans. Regardless of what Oklahoma and the US Supreme Court decide to do, abortion will remain legal in other states, and those who can afford to travel to those states to access healthcare will do just that. Reproductive health in Oklahoma will become yet another area where those with means will have access, and those who’ve been left behind by their government will suffer the consequences of these unconstitutional policies.”