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Media Contact:
Angela Allmond, Communications Director
Oklahoma Democratic Party

Oklahoma Senator, Representatives Must Resign

Oklahoma City—January 7, 2021—In the aftermath of the mob riot at the US Capitol yesterday, the Oklahoma Democratic Party is calling out the traitorous actions of Oklahoma’s Washington delegation.

“While we are thankful that our Republican Senators and Congressional Representatives are safe, we recognize that their public stance and comments helped fuel the flames of insurrection,” said Alicia Andrews, Oklahoma Democratic Party Chair.

“They contend that their open encouragement of the unconstitutional effort to stop the Electoral College recount has nothing to do with a violent and deadly insurrectionist attack on the U.S. Capitol is absurd,” she continued.

“The actions of Sen. Lankford and Representatives Mullin, Hern, Bice, and Cole have promulgated a lie being spread by a deeply flawed man who we have as President for another few days. They are not leaders. They are following the lead of the wrong person and, as a result, have blood on their hands today.

“We say to these so-called representatives of Oklahoma that, ‘Now you have a choice: Keep spreading a false narrative that has no chance of success but will make you more popular with the base of your party, or stand today, now, this very minute with the citizens of our country. Do you care about Democracy or only your political ambitions? Are you for Donald Trump, or are you for the United States Constitution? Are you a patriot, or are you a traitor?”

Andrews went on to say, “Your actions—not a bunch of your crazy supporters—but your actions have caused death, injury, and destruction. Your actions have caused scenes broadcast around the world that will take generations to repair. As a result of your foolishness your political self-preservation efforts, you have proven that you are unworthy to serve or to represent Oklahoma. Even worse, your stance is decidedly un-American, and you do not don’t deserve to be called a citizen of these United States of America.

“For the good of Oklahoma, for the good of our country, we demand that you resign your positions at once. Should you fail to do what is right, we will stop at nothing to continue to expose you for the frauds you are and to seek every possible remedy to remove you from office,” Andrews concluded.


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