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Jan. 5, 2021

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Black Caucus Opposes Electoral Objection by Lankford, Others

OKLAHOMA CITY — The Oklahoma Legislative Black Caucus strongly opposes objections to the certification of the Electoral College count by at least 13 Republican senators, including Oklahoma Senator James Lankford, 140 Republican members of the US Congress, including Oklahoma’s Reps. Kevin Hern and Markwayne Mullin.

“All fair votes of the people should count and not be overthrown,” said State Rep. Regina Goodwin, chair of the Oklahoma Black Caucus. “Democracy should not be destroyed. President-elect Biden and Vice-President-elect Harris won. Despicable lies do not prove otherwise.”

Two months since and numerous lawsuits later, there has been no evidence presented that would change the outcome of the November election.

“Why aren’t these same Republicans investigating President Trump’s intentional interference with the fair performance of duties of Georgia state election officials?” Goodwin asked. “We have state and federal laws against the false finding of votes and the flagrant flipping of elections as demanded by President Trump.”

States targeted by the Republicans wishing to overturn the election are comprised of a significant number of black and brown voters who helped secure the victory for President-elect Biden and Vice-President-elect Harris; their votes are as fair as others, who cast winning votes for Republican senators and representatives in the same election.

“I am disappointed again in the actions of Senator Lankford,” said State Sen. George Young, member and former chair of the Legislative Black Caucus. “His willingness to lift the lies of others and throw doubt on the electoral process, that by all accounts of state officials directly in charge was an accurate reflection of the will of those who voted, is sad.

“The Black Caucus rejects giving way to autocracy, under a false shield of election security; we fight to preserve integrity, democracy, and the goodwill of the people. God help America!”


Members of the Oklahoma Legislative Black Caucus: Chair, Rep. Regina Goodwin, Vice-Chair, Rep. Jason Lowe, Sen. George Young, Sen. Kevin Matthews, Rep. Monroe Nichols, Rep. Merleyn Bell, Rep. Ajay Pittman, and Rep. Mauree Turner.