For Immediate Release

Angela Allmond, Communications Director
Oklahoma Democratic Party

Oklahoma Democrats Respond to State of the State

OKLAHOMA CITY, — FEBRUARY 5, 2024 – Governor Kevin Stitt wants to make Oklahoma the business headquarters of the world with corporate welfare and big business incentives at the expense of everyday tax-paying citizens. Stitt calls for: “…not more taxes, but more taxpayers” in his address, putting all the burden on individuals while not increasing taxes on his big business friends. His desire to cut income taxes to zero with no plan to pay for core services already stretched to their limit is reckless and poor management of our state’s economy.

Oklahoma Democratic Party supports the Minority House Caucus and their legislative priorities, three of which are:

  • Investing in Public Education: Keeping Public Dollars in Public Schools, not Charter and Private Schools that leave low-income and rural students behind.
  • End of the State Grocery Tax for working Oklahoman families.
  • Increasing access to Affordable and Quality Childcare.

Additionally, Stitt wants to defund public education in rural Oklahoma in the name of parent’s choice. Once again, Stitt talks about supporting public education right out of the gate of his address. Yet, he focuses on implementing more charter schools, calling for: “…more high performing charter schools…especially in areas with poor performing public schools.” Stitt isn’t interested in improving public education.

“We deserve as Oklahomans, paychecks that stretch further each month. We deserve quality Public Schools in every zip code. We deserve access to higher ed and jobs that are as diverse as our population, and to value the diversity we all bring. We deserve to be able to make our own health decisions and retain bodily autonomy for roughly 50% of the Oklahomans in this state.”

Representative Trish Ranson

Oklahoma House District 34


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