For Immediate Release

Angela Allmond, Communications Director
Oklahoma Democratic Party

What Does Religious Freedom Mean on Religious Freedom Day?

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK, — JANUARY 16, 2023 – Promoting religious freedom contributes to a diverse and tolerant society where individuals can coexist peacefully, respecting each other’s beliefs and practices. But what is happening in practice versus theory here in Oklahoma?

“Religious freedom is a fundamental human right that encompasses the right for all of us to practice or not practice, worship, and observe one’s religion or belief system without interference or coercion,” said Alicia Andrews, Chair of the Oklahoma Democratic Party. “This means any religion, not one specific religion pushed by a majority, particularly by our superintendent of public instruction,” continued Andrews.

“People have the right to be free from government-imposed or social pressures related to religious beliefs and practices. It’s almost unimaginable that Ryan Walters believes that our public school students should be subject to religious coercion, discrimination, or undue influence from religious indoctrination in our public schools. This is not in line with our country’s Constitution.

“In a state that claims to uphold religious freedom, we have leaders who do not believe that parents and students should have the autonomy to make choices about their beliefs or non-beliefs without having to adhere to a specific religious ideology against their will in a public school setting,” continued Andrews.

Andrews sees this as a cautionary tale of things to come unless Oklahomans act. “How has this state elected people who think religious freedom means the religion they practice that should be pushed into our public school system and onto students of varying backgrounds? As we recognize today’s Religious Freedom Day, we should consider what we do as a state moving forward when electing officials who ignore our Constitution and our basic human rights to practice or not practice as we want as individuals,” concluded Andrews.


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