For Immediate Release

Angela Allmond, Communications Director
Oklahoma Democratic Party

FOX News Pushes Back on Walters Claims of Communist Indoctrination

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK, — September 25, 2023 – Oklahoma State’s Superintendent of Public Instruction is again making up lies for the media, and even for Congress. Walters was a guest on Fox News after his hearing in D.C., lying that communist forces are indoctrinating our public school children in Oklahoma. The Fox News anchorwoman interviewing him saw right through his lies and called him out.

Even when confronted, Walters just keep going in circles with his same, old talking points.

“Desperate measure for a desperate man. Walter’s false claims are another straw-grasping attempt to make parents think they better remove their kids from public schools over an alleged communist curriculum. There’s no basis for his fabrications, and they are just more lies for attention,” stated Alicia Andrews, Chair of the Oklahoma Democratic Party.

“First he went after ‘woke’ teachers, called the teachers unions ‘terrorist organizations,’ and further harmed LGBTQ students when he said ‘drag queens will not be in our schools,’ all after lying about kitty litter boxes being used in classrooms as toilets. After all of that, then he now invents another gross conspiracy involving ‘communist China indoctrinating’ children.

“These extremist attacks on our public education are a narrow-minded attack to push children into religious private schools paid for with public tax dollars so they can force a single religious doctrine on our children. When you don’t know how to do your job and take advice from MAGA consultants who have yet to come out of campaign mode, we end up with a dysfunctional public school system that feeds right into the GOP’s hopes of taking down public education. Walters himself is so indoctrinated in these ongoing lies that he doesn’t know the truth, and Fox News saw it a mile away with eye-rolling responses. Elections have consequences, and the Oklahoma Democratic Party will not give up on our state, children, nor public education by being quiet about spreading lies. This man must go,” concluded Andrews.


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