For Immediate Release
November 26, 2018

Media Contact:
Angela Allmond, Communications Director
Oklahoma Democratic Party

Stitt’s Transition Chair Appointment Sickening

OKLAHOMA CITY – Governor-elect Stitt’s campaign promised change. However, Marc Nuttle’s appointment as Stitt’s Transition Team Chair is a slap in the face to Oklahoma Muslims and the LGBTQ community. Nuttle is a former board member and chairman of the controversial right-wing hate group The Oak Initiative.

Stitt has given no indication he will put Oklahoma on the right track. He rushed to place a controversial career politician in charge of hiring staff and setting policies. Stitt either failed to vet Nuttle’s background properly or decided that his behavior was acceptable. Either way, his appointment lacks the foresight needed as the future leader of our state. This kind of decision making is not characteristic of a strong executive we can trust. This appointment demonstrates Stitt’s true intentions and the direction he plans to take Oklahoma.

“We expect our leaders to work for all of us and to avoid decisions that negatively affect any Oklahoman. This appointment is yet another example of the failed Republican leadership we can expect out of the Governor’s mansion. Appointing someone who represents a group known for its Islamophobia and homophobia is not where change begins,” states Oklahoma Democratic Party Chair, Anna Langthorn. “If Stitt truly believed in change, he would reach out to marginalized communities and learn more about their concerns. Instead, he is insulting the people he represents.”

Stitt’s decision hurts the people he has promised to protect. The Oklahoma Democratic Party will hold him accountable over the next four years for any attempts at targeting communities that already face vitriol, violence, and hate.


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