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Angela Allmond, Communications Director
Oklahoma Democratic Party

Stitt Takes Credit for Democratic Work

OKLAHOMA CITY—MAY 9, 2022 – Our corruption-plagued-do-nothing governor can’t lead, so he has to fly on the shirttails of Democrats and take credit for the hard groundwork they put forth.

“What else can Oklahomans expect from a governor who cares more about his ego than the people he’s supposed to serve?” asked Alicia Andrews, Chair of the Oklahoma Democratic Party. “Stitt is so desperate to be relevant; that when he is not making false claims to boost said ego, he’s taking credit for the critical things Democrats have been working on for years. This is straight out of the national Republican campaign playbook and Stitt has, once again, joined the bandwagon; forgetting that he represents Oklahoma. Voters should be aware of his real goal of reelection, any way he can get it, including hiding corruption and taking credit for the work of others.

“Stitt spent his Thursday in a photo op session riding a mechanical bull at the Google data center in Pryor, Oklahoma, congratulating the technology company for expanding its operations at the MidAmerica Industrial Park in Pryor, Oklahoma. He is also taking credit for expanding connectivity broadband to rural Oklahomans,” Andrews continued.

“As a reminder, the Google data center was initiated as part of Democratic Governor Nigh’s (1973-1987) 1985 Business Incentive to bring business and technology to Oklahoma. Democratic Governor Henry (2003-2011) brought Google to Pryor, Oklahoma, in 2011, adding high-tech jobs to our state. Fast forward to the present, it’s the Biden administration’s Infrastructure Law that has given Oklahoma the ability to expand broadband into rural communities, not Stitt. In other words, Stitt’s ineffectiveness as a leader has pushed him to hijack Democratic accomplishments, so he can falsely claim credit for something Democrats have done instead.

“The Oklahoma Democratic Party is focused on bringing Stitt and his Republican cohorts’ corruptive and misleading ventures to light so that more Oklahoma voters are aware of what’s at stake this November. Stitt has run our state into the ground by aligning himself with MAGA rhetoric and corruption at every turn. Our job as voters is to ensure that we replace him with someone who cares about Oklahoma and will fight the lack of transparency, corruption, and the lies,” Andrews concluded.


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