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Angela Allmond, Communications Director
Oklahoma Democratic Party

Real Grooming and Indoctrination Dangers in our Communities Ignored

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK — FEBRUARY 22, 2023 – Performative statements and legislation about grooming and indoctrination without consideration to real-world events are meant to inflame, not actually protect our children. These actions can have dangerous consequences in the form of actual child abuse, indoctrination, and grooming being allowed to grow. Today, it’s a principal and football coach screaming racial slurs, exposing himself to a locker room of boys, and forcing them to do naked push-ups, and a pastor accused of indecent acts with a minor. Crying wolf over an entertainment art form and educational material puts our children at high risk of predators.

“Where is the outcry about these latest incidents? As leaders go after made-up concerns about nothing, we have serious issues with real indoctrination and grooming. Yet, because it does not serve their political narrative, Stitt and Walters remain silent about these horrific behaviors that have been reported,” commented Alicia Andrews, Oklahoma Democratic Party Chair.

“If the real issue is the safety of children, where is the parent’s rights rhetoric regarding this? Or, do we only care if the predators are not dressed how we prefer? Our kids deserve leaders that pay attention to the real predators and stop with the fake outrage over books and drag queens?” asked Andrews.

“The hypocrisy needs to stop. Creating solutions to non-existent problems for political points needs to stop. The more our leaders focus on a faux movement meant to divide and push fear, the more our children are exposed to real dangers. All sides of the aisle need to come together, work on legislation to protect our kids from the real harms in schools and the community, and stop the political posturing over contrived problems,” Andrews concluded.


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