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Angela Allmond, Communications Director
Oklahoma Democratic Party

Oklahoma Democratic Party Denounces Olsen’s Bill Filing Banning 1619 Project Curriculum

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK, DECEMBER 15, 2021 – House Bill 2988 is another attempt to silence and rewrite our history. The Oklahoma Democratic Party denounces this harmful bill that shuts down discussions on slavery and those who have been impacted by its history.

“True history is complicated but necessary,” stated Alicia Andrews, the Oklahoma Democratic Party Chair. “I’m not sure which idea is worse; the idea that Jim Olsen is sincere in his quest to rewrite and whitewash history OR that he is chasing the headlines that such a ridiculous bill will certainly garner.”

“I would like to remind Representative Olsen that more than 24% of Oklahomans do not have affordable access to reliable high-speed internet, and that Oklahoma continues to face a teacher shortage, partially driven by the constant interference of non-educators in their profession. Perhaps he can focus on actual crises facing Oklahoma rather than manufacturing one,” continued Andrews.

“This bill, unfortunately, would set Oklahoma back several decades and make it more difficult to eradicate systemic racism and discrimination. Oklahoma, we can do better. Students deserve to learn without ill-informed interference from lawmakers on a quest to infringe upon academic freedom and shut down discussion on our history,” concluded Andrews.


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