[OKLAHOMA CITY, OK, May 14, 2015] – “I am disappointed in Chairman Brogdon’s decision to appoint TC Ryan as a top party official for the Oklahoma GOP.

“The charges against Mr. Ryan for domestic abuse in the presence of a minor child and interfering with an emergency call, – charges which he later pled guilty to – the following bench warrant for failure to pay associated fines, and then the fact that he was the first choice for one of the highest positions of the Oklahoma GOP shows the complete lack of respect the Party has for women and the people of Oklahoma. Anyone that would put an admitted abuser at the top of the ladder should have all decisions called into question.

“The fact that Mr. Ryan reportedly took a very short leave of absence as a result of public scrutiny over his despicable past behaviors, as well as uproar from within the Republican Party itself, is not encouraging. Now that the leave has been reported as a change in title, we can be certain that Randy Brogdon has no grasp on the damage this will do to his own party. Quite simply, Mr. Ryan should resign.”


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