The State Democratic Convention, conducted on May 30, 2015 at Oklahoma City Community College, was recessed following the election of officers. The recess was done to allow the Convention to consider certain resolutions, constitution, and bylaw provisions which could not be reached within the time period for which the Convention was allotted.

The location of the reconvened Convention will be Oklahoma City Community College (the same location as before). The date of the convention is Saturday, July 25, 2015. PLEASE MARK THIS DATE AND MAKE PLANS TO ATTEND!

Any persons designated as delegates prior to the May 30, 2015 Convention will be entitled to appear at the reconvened session whether or not such persons appeared at the first session. Persons who appeared in person on May 30th, may appear by proxy at this Convention and persons who appeared by proxy appear in person. The same rules governing proxies continue to apply and new proxy forms are available online or by contact the Oklahoma Democratic Party main office directly.

The matters to be addressed at the reconvened Convention include the following:


  1. XVIII    Opening Primaries To Independents


  1. Art IX, Sec.: Allowing independents to vote in the primaries

Other Resolutions

  1. III Healthcare – Section C
  2. VIII Environment – Section C and Section G
  3. XI Gun Rights – Entire Resolution
  4. XII Social Justice – Section B
  5. XVI Taxation – Section D
  6. XVIII The Democratic Party – Section “A

Constitutional Changes:

  1. V Affirmative Action – Sections 2 and 3
  2. V Affirmative Action – Section 4 (new)
  3. VII Committees Powers and Duties                – Section 7A
  4. VIII Central Committees – Section 3G (new)

Other Bylaws Amendments

  1. I Calls and Elections of Officials – Section 1D
  2. I Calls and Elections of Officials – Section 1E
  3. I Calls and Elections of Officials – Section 8H
  4. V Voting – Section 10
  5. Numerous changes in Bylaws sections to eliminate the word “Alternate” and/or “Alternate Delegate” and any grammatical corrections needed…
  6. Numerous changes to add “electronically or otherwise” after the word “mailed”
  7. Numerous changes to add “electronically or otherwise” after the word “mailing”
  8. II Certification of Elections – Section 1F
  9. IV Recall – Section 3E

Prior to the recess of Convention, the proposed resolution suggesting open primaries (inclusion of Independent voters in the Democratic Primary) and the Bylaw change authorizing such open primaries were consolidated.  These matters will be commonly debated and require a simple majority of the members.

Because of the importance of the open primary issue, the Chair will entertain a motion to enlarge the time allocated for debate of this issue for proponents and opponents alike. It is suggested that to facilitate the debate, the number of proponent and opponent speakers be limited to four (4) per side. Each side of the issue is requested to submit their proposed representatives. A motion to limit the number of speakers will be entertained if this cannot be resolved by agreement.

It is the intention of the Chair to recognize, honor, and allow brief statements by all those persons in attendance who represented the Party as nominees for statewide office in 2014. It is also the intention of the Chair to recognize all present elected officials of the Party and to invite special guests.

All prospective Democratic candidates for any office will have the opportunity to meet delegates and distribute campaign materials. All candidates and prospective candidates are invited and encouraged to attend, so please spread the word.

Lunches will again be available at the Convention at a cost of $15.00 each (the same cost as before). Again we ask that you pre-order your lunch NO LATER THAN FRIDAY, JULY 17th as additional meals will not be available for purchase on-site at Convention. Please visit to order or call the office directly at (405) 427-3366.

Finally, the Party is kicking off its “Sustaining Members” fundraiser. Under this program the Party is soliciting automatic monthly contributions via credit or debit cards. Membership is open to any Democrat willing to make a sustained monthly donation. While there is no minimum, it is requested that donors pledge to contribute at least $10.00 (if not more) per month.

Any County that has 100% participation from its delegates as Sustaining Members, will be recognized at Convention. All individual donors will receive ribbons to display at the Convention. To donate online please visit and click on the “DONATE” button. Online sign-ups and auto-draft forms will be available at the Convention.