For Immediate Release
October 24, 2012
Contact: Trav Robertson



Candidate Violates Oklahoma Citizen’s and Taxpayer Protection Act

Oklahoma City– The Republican candidate for Oklahoma’s 2nd Congressional District, Markwayne Mullin, broke state and federal law. 

In 2007, the Oklahoma Citizen’s and Taxpayer Protection Bill (HB 1804) was enacted to require all companies that take money from the state to participate in “the Status Verification System”. This Act forces government contractors to run background checks on employees using a federal database. 

Markwayne Mullin failed to do this by his own admission when he was quoted in May of 2012 as stating, “For whatever reason Tim was never background checked, there was no cause or reason to.” Mullin was referring to his employee, Tim Saylor, who was arrested on Mullin Plumbing property. 

As previously reported by the Tulsa World, upon review by the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, “The part of the law upheld by the Appeals Court requires businesses that contract with government agencies to verify the immigration status of job seekers by using a federal database known as E-verify.”

E-verify gives employers information such as criminal history and yet Mullin refuses to use the service.

In September 2009 the Department of Homeland Security began requiring the same for companies who receive federal money.

·     Mullin Plumbing received $335,726 in federal stimulus funds. (2011 & 2012,

·     Mullin Plumbing received $31,085 in federal government contracts.(2012, Federal Procurement Data System)

·     Mullin Plumbing received $36,558.32 in state contracts. (2012, Oklahoma Office of State Finance)

·     Mullin Plumbing received $2,184.46 from Wagoner County. (Wagoner County Clerk’s Office)

“The law is very clear–you don’t get the choice of doing a background check whenever you feel like it. When you receive money from the government, you have to verify all of your employees. We know of at least one violation by Mullin’s own admission, how many more are there?” asked Chairman Wallace Collins.