March 25, 2015

Is Governor Mary Fallin To Blame?
Pancoast Investigation Should Go All The Way To The Top

Pancoast[OKLAHOMA CITY, OK] Oklahoma Democratic Chair, Wallace Collins, calls out failed leadership of Governor Mary Fallin and her office in the hiring of Steven Pancoast, Jr. as safety programs administrator and occasionally serving as lead investigator on multiple cases for the Oklahoma Veterans Affairs Department. The Oklahoma Democratic Party further calls for formal investigations to commence immediately pertaining to possible neglect and/or willful misconduct on behalf of not only Steven Pancoast, Jr., but also the Office of the Governor and Governor Fallin. All instances of Governor Fallin’s direct or indirect involvement in cases of veteran neglect and/or death in the past five (5) years should be examined thoroughly by a neutral party.

“We are currently preparing to file for numerous records requests from the Oklahoma Veterans Affairs Department, the Office of the Governor, and any additional associated departments under the jurisdiction of the Governor,” stated Collins. “Our veterans deserve to have the best representation and a convicted thief is not acceptable.”