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Angela Allmond, Communications Director
Oklahoma Democratic Party

Inhofe’s Retirement Signals End of a Reign of Hypocrisy

OKLAHOMA CITY—MARCH 2, 2022 – James Inhofe’s resignation is the ending of a reign of hypocrisy, out-of-touch lawmaking, and loony rhetoric. Oklahomans have endured 36 years of legendary obstructionism, climate change denial, misogyny, and crying that our schools are brainwashing our children.

“Inhofe, the do as I say—not as I do, Senator leaves behind a legacy of hypocrisy,” stated Alicia Andrews, Chair of the Oklahoma Democratic Party. “Inhofe voted against disaster relief for the damage of Katrina on Louisiana but demanded it for Oklahoma disasters. While we are grateful that our Oklahoma neighbors had access to funds, but the good people of Louisiana deserved additional financial assistance as well.

“He complained about government overreach and spending while taking a paycheck with automatic increases for 36 years and ran in 1994 advocating term limits, but 27 years later, here we are,” Andrews continued.

“Toward the end of Obama’s presidency, Inhofe made statements that there just wasn’t enough time to vote on Obama’s SCOTUS vacancy, yet voted to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett in record time. He voted to impeach Clinton but to acquit Trump.

“Inhofe walked the vote on the January 6th Committee, ran on a gaslighting agenda of ‘God, Guns, and Gays’, and even sent out print mailings with the slogan. The ACLU and NAACP have given him negative ratings regarding his voting record on race and gender.”

Inhofe has already endorsed Luke Hollands, his chief of staff, as his replacement in the US Senate.

“Inhofe has been a member of our congressional delegation for the entirety of Luke Hollands’ life. This gentleman has never known a world where Inhofe has not been in congress. Therefore, he has not had the opportunity to expose himself to diversity, truth and science, and contemporary issues that genuinely impact Oklahoma. Oklahomans need a senator more in tune with today’s evolving demographics, cultural issues, and the means to adjust to the changing times. Democrats will continue to seek and recruit quality candidates in touch with today’s society who we can all support,” Andrews said.

“While we wish Inhofe well in his retirement, he will not be missed by most Oklahomans,” concluded Andrews.


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