Democrat’s Economic Plan is Working

We surpassed expectations with 517,000 jobs versus the expected 189,000

Oklahoma Democrat Elected to National Board

Scott J. Hamilton, executive director of the Oklahoma Democratic Party, was elected to serve as the Midwestern representative on the Executive Committee

Democrats Deliver After Years of Republican Neglect

Don’t be fooled by Stitt’s statements of how well Oklahoma is doing under his leadership

One of our most important duties as state legislators is oversight of taxpayer dollars

270K Eligible for Student Loan Debt Relief Held Up by GOP

For too long, student loan debt has been a barrier for millions of Americans

Pittman Earns NOBEL Women’s Spark Award As National Chaplin

Representative Pittman’s ability to inspire and galvanize the women toward a common goal

Republicans: We Are Above the Law

It’s time for Republicans to do the right thing and call out those of their own Party for modeling bad behavior

Stitt Diverting Attention as His Numbers Decline

Stitt is desperate, grasping to remain relevant by diverting attention away from his decline and underhanded power grabs.

Delay of SQ 820 Another Stitt Political

Stitt is thwarting the people’s will with his hands all over the continuous delays

Senator Boren responds to Gov. Stitt’s attack on professional educators

Mary Boren, D-Norman, warned against Gov. Kevin Stitt’s executive order claiming to protect school employees from being pressured into paying union dues.