STATEMENT: House Democratic Leader Cyndi Munson Encourages Lawmakers to Override the Governor’s Veto of OETA Funding Bill

Eliminating funding for OETA deprives Oklahomans of free, high-quality educational programming

Stitt Can’t Get His Way, So He Threatens

Oklahoma’s governor behaves like a two-year-old throwing a tantrum when he doesn’t get what he wants.

Stitt Desperate for Attention

Stitt is desperate to remain relevant as President Biden announces $11.5 million in Federal assistance

Oklahoma Dems Announce National Speaker for 2023 State Convention

Congressman Beto O’Rourke will be the keynote speaker at the Party’s 2023 State Convention

DNC Announces Chicago to Host 2024 Democratic National Convention

The Democratic National Committee today announced Chicago will host the 2024 Democratic National Convention at the United Center

Oklahoma Ranks Top-10 in Autocratic Government

The Oklahoma Legislature has handed other Republican-led states a blueprint for silencing Democrats.

Oklahoma Children Going Hungry Due to Ryan Walters’ Incompetence

How many kids are going hungry tonight due to Ryan Walters’ incompetence and indifference?

The Oklahoma Democratic Party is Answering the Call to Organize Rural Oklahoma

I am excited that our staff and volunteers have expanded our County Democratic Parties

Real Grooming and Indoctrination Dangers in our Communities Ignored

Where is the outcry about these latest incidents? As leaders go after made-up concerns about nothing, we have serious issues with real indoctrination and grooming.

Democrat’s Economic Plan is Working

We surpassed expectations with 517,000 jobs versus the expected 189,000