January 12, 2022

DNC Statement On Mitch McConnell’s Tirade On The Senate Floor

Today, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell delivered an unhinged response to President Biden’s defense of the right to vote. DNC spokesperson Ammar Moussa released the following statement:

“Seems like President Biden really struck a nerve, huh Mitch? Mitch McConnell’s tantrum today shows that he is not only adamantly opposed to protecting voting rights, but he is also nothing more than a hypocrite who is gaslighting the American people. It’s uniquely ridiculous he would so forcefully defend the filibuster on voting rights now after he was all too eager to nuke it in order to ram through partisan Supreme Court justices.

“Lest we forget, Mitch McConnell, in 2004, said he could not imagine any reason why anyone would oppose the protection of the franchise of all Americans. Apparently, the McConnell of 2004 could have never imagined the McConnell of 2022. While McConnell leads Republicans in their relentless war against protecting the right to vote and hypocritical defense of Senate rules, President Biden and Democrats continue to fight to protect Americans’ fundamental rights. Mitch McConnell can save his crocodile tears – the American people see right through it.”