May 11, 2022

DNC on Women’s Health Protection Act Vote

DNC Chair Jaime Harrison issued the following statement following the vote on the Women’s Health Protection Act in the U.S. Senate:

“Make no mistake: reproductive rights will be on the ballot in November. The Republican Party’s extremism knows no bounds. They’ve made clear a federal ban on abortion is on the table should they take power. And across the country, Republican state legislators are poised to weaponize the anticipated far-right Supreme Court decision to threaten access to birth control and IVF, and even criminalize reproductive health care. This is what’s at stake.

“The majority of Americans oppose this extreme agenda. Republicans cannot be allowed to impose their ultra-MAGA wishlist on our country. We must elect more Democrats in November in order to protect the fundamental rights of all Americans. From now until Election Day, the DNC will work to do just that. And we will hold every last MAGA Republican accountable for their all-out assault on women’s health and for their continued efforts to strip away the rights of Americans.”