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10 Mar

Fugate Speaks Out Against Pair of Abortion Bills

It’s abundantly clear they are only interested in perpetuating abortion so they have an issue they can use to inflame their voters.

08 Jul

DNC on SCOTUS Attacking Reproductive Health Care

Reproductive care is not a luxury – it is a necessity

29 Jun

DNC on SCOTUS Striking Down Louisiana’s Restrictive Abortion Law

Again, Republicans tried to attack access to safe and legal abortion at the Supreme Court, and again they were shot down

06 Feb

RELEASE: Another Unconstitutional Act

Oklahoma’s Super-Republican-Majority Legislature continues to play politics and pandering to their conservative base.

20 Jun

DNC on Court Ruling in Favor of Trump’s Title X Gag Rule

Today’s court ruling in favor of Trump’s unconstitutional Title X gag rule is a direct threat to millions of low-income women and their families’ access to health care.

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