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Angela Allmond, Communications Director
Oklahoma Democratic Party

Delay of SQ 820 Another Stitt Political Game

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK — SEPTEMBER 16, 2022 – Stitt is thwarting the people’s will with his hands all over the continuous delays in getting State Question 820, the legalization of recreational marijuana, on the mid-term election ballot. SQ820 received enough signatures to get on the November ballot and was filed in plenty of time. Still, new procedures for counting signatures conveniently delayed the process, and Stitt has refused to help ensure the voters’ voices are heard.

“When a state-run organization, overseen by the governor, delays a process that represents the will of the people, the state has an obligation to go above and beyond to meet that obligation so as not to suppress the voters,” commented Alicia Andrews, Chair of the Oklahoma Democratic Party.

“These constant delays are the same political stunts Oklahomans have come to expect from this man. He’s trying to keep the state question off the general election to avoid a large voter turnout. What does that say about his character? What does this say about the Republicans? We know that the Republican legislators have been furious about previous state questions that have passed, feeling that they know better than voters what should and should not be law.”

“Stitt and the Republicans will do everything they can to silence the peoples’ vote, especially if it comes to improved rights for everyday Oklahomans. If the issue were about book banning, women’s reproductive rights, or anti-LGBTQ+, Stitt and the Republicans would be fighting to get a state question on the ballot no matter the situation. But as long as it’s an issue that empowers the people to vote, voter suppression will again raise its ugly head,” Andrews concluded.


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