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Angela Allmond, Communications Director
Oklahoma Democratic Party

Stitt Diverting Attention as His Numbers Decline

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK — OCTOBER 7, 2022 – Polls aren’t looking as favorable for Stitt as we get closer to election day. Stitt is desperate, grasping to remain relevant by diverting attention away from his decline and underhanded power grabs. The Stitt campaign seems to be scrambling for air. The campaign is all over the place in disarray, making up stories hoping voters don’t see through the smoke screens when all it takes is a simple search to read about the facts. He is contradicting his own words. He’s spewing teachers’ crisis inaccuracies, making up fake data. He’s lying about public education, immigration, border issues, misspent revenue, hoping to hide his closed-doors shady deals, and over-the-top cronyism.

“Whether it’s attacking the Biden administration over a false Fentanyl crisis at the border, his “easy cop-out” comments about teacher pay raises, and attacking news outlets, Stitt is more focused right now on making headlines like targeting the LBGTQ+ community to divert attention away from his failing campaign,” stated Alicia Andrews, Chair of the Oklahoma Democratic Party. “We have real issues to address here in our state, and Stitt doesn’t know how to run the government and meet Oklahomans’ needs.

“Stitt is drowning in scandals, all brought on by his corrupt dealings with his cronies. His only way to deal with his plummeting popularity is to push lies and made-up accusations against others. This is just Stitt deflecting from his own lack of knowledge and culpability and his way of escaping the truth and responsibility.

“Oklahoma needs experienced leadership from a leader who understands the serious difficulties facing Oklahoma and the people who make up this great state, not pandering to his comrades-in-arms, ruining our state. How many more lies and scandals about Stitt’s nefarious dealings will be revealed as we get closer to the election?” Andrews concluded.


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