For Immediate Release

Angela Allmond, Communications Director
Oklahoma Democratic Party

D.C. Chaos Comes to Oklahoma

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK, — OCTOBER 20, 2023 – Oklahomans were treated to a front row seat of the complete disregard that our congressional delegation has for its citizens. The five congressional members have all consistently voted for Jim Jordan knowing that those votes would continue the stalemate that congress finds itself in.

On top of the dysfunction of the house in general, Representative Tom Cole from the fourth district said the quiet part out loud. In his nominating speech for Representative Jim Jordan, the representative unequivocally stated that one of his reasons for supporting the would-be speaker was his plan to attack Social Security and Medicare.

“When you go on national TV and attack Social Security and Medicare, this brings the fight home. Democrats will not stand quietly as some of our most vulnerable are threatened. This assistance is a lifeline for many seniors and citizens; no one should not take the threat lightly.

“Oklahoma faces one of the highest child poverty rates in the nation at 21%, higher than the national 17% level. We face a general 15.7% poverty rate compared to the national 11.5% rate, eighth highest in the country, yet Cole and his Republican comrades want to leave Oklahomans in more desperate need than they are already experiencing.

“Cole is more concerned about appeasing his Republican cohorts than protecting the 20% or 825 thousand Oklahomans who depend on Social Security and Medicare. He goes to D.C., forgets Oklahomans, and tows the party line,” stated Alicia Andrews, Chair of the Oklahoma Democratic Party.

“It’s shameful. It’s disgraceful. While these agents of chaos are busy attacking earned assistance, they failed three times to date, to elect a new speaker; Democrats are united and doing the people’s work. The House Republicans could get more done if they worked across the aisle instead of using sound bites that hurt people. It’s time they get their act together and put the needs of the people first. The clown show needs to end so Washington can get back to business. Cole owes Oklahomans an apology for choosing the national spotlight over the livelihood of his constituents,” concluded Andrews.


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