The ODP Bids President Obama Farewell

OKLAHOMA CITY – Tonight, President Obama will deliver his farewell address. The Oklahoma Democratic Party reflects on how far we have come in the last eight years under President Obama’s leadership. We’ve had 74 months of job growth, made affordable health care a reality for millions of Americans, led the fight to ensure equality for all, and made a historic commitment to protecting the environment and addressing the impact of climate change. Obama’s record of achievement has made him one of the most popular outgoing presidents in history, with one of the highest approval rating of an outgoing President in 40 years.

As President Obama stated this week, “We’ve run our leg of the race, and we’ve done a pretty darn good job…by almost every measure the country is better off now than when I started.” And the Oklahoma Democratic Party concurs.


The mission of the Oklahoma Democratic Party is to represent working people in Oklahoma and the best way to accomplish that is to elect Democrats to all areas of government. Oklahoma Democrats are progressive and sensible. We are optimistic about the future, and we are determined to see Oklahoma’s traditional values upheld. More information about the Oklahoma Democratic Party can be found at or by calling (405) 427-3366.