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Angela Allmond, Communications Director
Oklahoma Democratic Party

Stitt’s Ego Leads to Inefficient Governing

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK, JULY 21, 2021 – Whether it’s about blaming the Biden administration on a Chick-fil-A sauce shortage, disrespecting tribal sovereignty, signing unconstitutional bills into law, or filing frivolous lawsuits, Stitt’s ego knows no boundaries and Oklahomans are paying the price.

“This is not how a leader leads,” stated Alicia Andrews, Chair of the Oklahoma Democratic Party. “Stitt is desperate to appease Trump supporters for his own re-election efforts; he is willing to go to extreme nonsense.

“We have serious concerns to address in Oklahoma as the Delta variant is increasing COVID cases and hospitalizations in our State. We have a governor who is obsessed with pointing blame at ‘radical liberals’ for everything instead of looking at his own inefficient governing and partisan party politics getting in the way of progress for Oklahomans,” Andrews continued.

“Fleeing a panel discussion when prompted to answer a question from the audience is a prime example of a leader in over their head and the latest example that we need new leadership at the Capitol.

“Stitt and his alt-right cronies are all too eager to pass blame elsewhere and run and hide their heads in the sand when faced with reality. It’s time for Stitt to go and Oklahomans to part ways with this inefficient governor,” Andrews concluded.


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