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Angela Allmond, Communications Director
Oklahoma Democratic Party

“SINO” Inhofe Still Playing Games

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK, December 16, 2020 – The Oklahoma Democratic Party issued the following statement in response to Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe’s refusal to acknowledge and respect President-elect Biden’s win:

“Inhofe has demonstrated yet again that he is nothing but a SINO—Senator in Name Only,” declared Alicia Andrews, Chair of the Oklahoma Democratic Party. “Why is this man—who quit working for Oklahomans long ago—still playing grade school games? What has happened with the Republican Party and its leaders? Are top officials so disengaged from reality that they are incapable of seeing what is clear to the American people and leaders around the world?

“Inhofe is clearly much more interested in massaging Trump’s ego than helping to move our country beyond this dark period in our history,” continued Andrews.

“The U.S. Electoral College has spoken by certifying Joe Biden’s win on Monday. For Inhofe and his ilk to cling to some vaporous wish of overturning a legal election shows what it really means to perpetrate a fraud on the American people. We are all tired of stunts, lies, and misdirection. We must move on.

“It is clear that SINO Inhofe doesn’t care for Oklahomans or Americans. Perhaps he could take a cue from his friend Mitch McConnell who has advised against any more stunts and to simply recognize that Joe Biden is our next President. We will never begin to heal our country as long as do-nothing elected officials keep failing their oath to protect the Constitution. Biden won the election. Period. Let’s move on,” concluded Andrews.


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