For Immediate Release
April 4, 2013
Contact: Trav Robertson



He Continues Barresi’s War on Education

OKLAHOMA CITY – In reply to a student’s cry for help in affording higher education, Oklahoma State Representative Mike Reynolds emailed all of his fellow legislators, “It is not our job to see that anyone gets an education.” Reynolds continued, “their GPA, ACT…have nothing to do with who is responsible. Their potential to benefit society is irrelevant.

Rep. Reynolds is the principal author of House Bill 1027 which continues Superintendent of Public Instruction Janet Barresi’s assault on public education by providing parents a loophole to use taxpayer dollars to pay for their private school tuition.

“As a state we need to support our children by encouraging them to attend college,”  said Oklahoma Democratic Party Vice-Chair and educator Dana Orwig. “According to a recent report released by the State Chamber; our state receives $4.72 for every dollar spent on higher education.”

Coincidentally, on April 1st the Republican-controlled legislature missed the state mandated education budget deadline for the ninth year in a row. The last time it was passed on time was during the Democratic-controlled Oklahoma House of Representatives in 2004.

The Vice Chair concluded, “The Barresi-Reynolds plan to privatize Oklahoma’s education system will crush many schools in our state. At a time when our businesses are facing increasing competition in the global marketplace, I want to know what Barresi thinks about Mike Reynolds’ comments on the the state’s responsibility to provide opportunities for education and if she agrees with him. ”



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