Oklahoma House Quietly Settles Sexual Harassment Claim Using House Funds

OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma Democratic Party is deeply concerned about the use of state funds to settle a sexual harassment claim against Representative Dan Kirby (R-75). State leaders are expected to uphold the public’s trust. Legislators must perform duties with integrity, honor, and transparency to assure Oklahomans that our leaders respect the moral and ethical values of the important work they conduct at the capitol.

Chair Mark Hammons states, “The possible misuse of funds appropriated for a wholly different purpose and expenditure which may be barred by Oklahoma’s prohibition against indemnifying state employees for actions motivated by ‘discriminatory animus director toward. . . sex’, as described by 51 O.S. Sec. 162(B)(4)(e), is a serious issue that state leaders need to address immediately.

“There must be a complete and immediate investigation into this action and a full disclosure of the nature of the claims against Rep. Kirby and the authority for the payment.”


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