OKC Legislators Condemn Insulting Treatment of Muslims

OKLAHOMA CITY (15 March 2017) – Rep. Cyndi Munson and Rep. George E. Young, Sr., a retired Baptist minister, declared Wednesday that they stand with the Oklahoma Muslim community “against racism and bigotry that tarnish our great state.”

Young, D-Oklahoma City, said he was disturbed after a Republican House colleague demanded that three Muslim students who tried to visit a Republican House member at his State Capitol office earlier this month were instead handed a questionnaire they were told they had to fill out. Among the items on the form was this question, “Do you beat your wife?”

“I was stunned and appalled when I heard about this disgraceful episode,” Dr. Young said. “I have worked with the Muslim community on more than one occasion, and was the keynote speaker at their Capitol Day rally last year.

“I attended the opening of their new community clinic and participated in the school supply giveaway at Mercy School in Edmond,” an Islamic-based school for students in grades pre-kindergarten through 12.

Muslims “have made, and continue to make, valuable contributions to our community,” the Reverend Young said. “These bigoted attacks are unwarranted, hurtful, and are certainly not the way Christians should behave toward their fellow man.”

“When a group of constituents brought the list of questions to my office, my heart shattered,” said Munson, D-Oklahoma City. “I cannot fathom creating such a barrier to the people that insults my Oklahoma brothers and sisters.”

CAIR-OK “is located in House District 85,” she said. “They deserve, and do receive, the exact same type of representation as any other group in my district and nothing less.

“As a woman of the Christian faith, I am determined to do everything I can to treat people – regardless of their faith – with respect, honor and value. That is my job as a leader and a follower of Jesus. My heart breaks, knowing that people in our state who work, create, raise their children, and serve their community are mistreated simply because of their religious beliefs. It is sad, frustrating, hurtful, and damages the very beliefs of freedom we hold dear in our state and country.

“I will continue to do whatever I can to make sure our Capitol is welcoming to every and all Oklahomans.”


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