Perez on Jobs Report

DNC Chair and former Secretary of Labor Tom Perez released this statement in response to today’s jobs report:

“Donald Trump got a gift from Barack Obama: a strong economy with the longest streak of private sector job growth on record and real wage growth. But it won’t last forever if Donald Trump doesn’t get his priorities straight. The only way to continue the strong growth of the Obama era is to make smart investments that grow our economy from the middle out and bottom up. We need investments in infrastructure to rebuild our roads and bridges; middle class tax cuts, instead of tax cuts for the wealthy; and higher wages for the bottom half instead of the top one percent.

“So far, all we’ve seen from Trump are handouts for corporations and his billionaire buddies on Wall Street. TrumpCare wasn’t about keeping Americans healthy, it was about keeping his friends wealthy; and his so-called ‘skinny budget’ slashed investments in things like job training and education. That’s why Democrats are fighting harder than ever to hold Republicans accountable. Working families are counting on us.”