02 Oct

Steve Russell Dodges Chamber Debate

Contact: Trav Robertson
[email protected] (405) 427-3366


Russell will instead campaign for radical candidates Ryan Zink in Montana and Lee Zeldin in New York.

“After missing 770 votes as a State Senator, you would think the Chamber could get him to debate….”

Oklahoma City – Steve Russell, Republican candidate for Oklahoma’s fifth congressional district, has decided to dodge the only scheduled debate between himself and Senator Al McAffrey. This week it was announced that Mr. Russell, a resident of the 4th congressional district, would be sending his press secretary, Andrew Speno, to debate for him while he campaigns for Tea Party candidate Lee Zeldin in New York.Russell (1)

“I just don’t understand. Steve Russell does not live in the fifth district and he is campaigning in Montana and New York. Is this the type of leader he will be–ABSENT?” asked Trav Robertson, Oklahoma Democratic Party (ODP) Executive Director.

In video coverage of the event in New York for Mr. Zeldin, Russell is introduced as “a new member of Congress this year.”

“My goodness, is Steve Russell exaggerating his record and service again? Does he think that he is already a congressman? ” Robertson continued, “Because that would indicate that he has a problem telling the truth. Has he forgotten he is still a candidate? How arrogant.”

Wallace Collins, former colleague and Chairman of the ODP stated, “The residents of CD 5 should be alarmed and outraged. He missed 770 votes while he was in the legislature and now he refuses to be present again. I simply don’t understand how the Chamber of Commerce can support a candidate that will not show up, economic development and jobs don’t appear on their own.”

Russell (2)


30 Sep

Dorman Campaign Releases Polling Memo

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, September 30, 2014

CONTACT: Alex Kaplan, Joe Dorman for Oklahoma  

[email protected] | 405-971-4563


  Dorman Campaign Releases Polling Memo – Schedules media conference call with polling expert, Tom Bonier

OKLAHOMA CITY  On Monday the Democratic nominee for governor, Joe Dorman, released a statement referencing a recent poll conducted by Clarity Campaign Labs touting a marginal 2 percent lead by incumbent Mary Fallin. Today the campaign released the memo (attached) and has scheduled a media conference call with pollster Tom Bonier, Co-Founder and Partner of Clarity Campaign Labs. Please RSVP with Press Secretary Alex Kaplan at [email protected]com.

WHO:             Conference Call with pollster Tom Bonier, Clarity Campaign Labs

WHEN:           Wednesday, October 1, 2014 – 10:00 a.m.

RSVP:            Alex Kaplan, Press Secretary – [email protected]

Click here to see the Polling Memo:
Oklahoma Governor Survey MEMO 09.2014-1


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25 Sep

Dorman Calls Rehiring of CTB/MCGRAW-Hill “Mind-Boggling”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, September 25, 2014

CONTACT: Alex Kaplan, Joe Dorman for Oklahoma 

[email protected] | 405-971-4563


Yet Another Example of Fallin & Barresi’s Failed Leadership


OKLAHOMA CITY – Joe Dorman, Democratic nominee for governor, said the proposed no-bid contract from the State Department of Education with CTB/McGraw-Hill is harmful for Oklahoma’s education system and exemplifies an anti-education agenda run amok.

“Janet Barresi’s decision to renew with CTB/McGraw Hill is mind-boggling and a reckless use of taxpayer dollars,” said Dorman. “This is a firm that botched the state writing tests not one, but two years in a row, and now Barresi wants to hire them again? She is completely tone-deaf to the needs of Oklahoma educators and children.”

Continued Dorman, “Mary Fallin shares the same failed education policies of Janet Barresi and has, in lockstep with Barresi, dug Oklahoma’s education system into a ditch with terrible ‘Fal-esi’ policies and blatant cronyism. Under their policies, these writing tests are supposed to be used for the A-F school grading system. There is no possible way to view that system as legitimate when it relies on these bungled tests. Clearly nothing — parents, educators, academic studies, facts — will get in the way of Fallin and Barresi’s Washington-bureaucrat agenda. They are dangerously out of touch with Oklahomans.”

Dorman said this whole fiasco is why Oklahoma must eliminate high states testing and elect a real pro-education official into the Governor’s office. 

“To provide an education system that helps our students and enjoys the full confidence of Oklahomans, we must get rid of high-stakes testing,” said Dorman. “Under my ‘Classrooms First’ plan, we will instead use the ACT to measure the progress of students, and we will use the money that went to CTB/McGraw-Hill for remediation. My administration will also never hire a company that has failed our students twice. Oklahomans deserve a Governor who will take the lead on fixing the failed policies of the last four years and create real solutions for our education system. Mary Fallin has failed our students, and she’s only making the problems worse. It’s time Oklahoma fire her on November 4th, just as they did with Janet Barresi.”

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24 Sep

Polls Show Fallin in Trouble – DC Interest Groups Come Running

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wednesday, September 24, 2014

CONTACT: Alex Kaplan, Joe Dorman for Oklahoma 

[email protected] | 405-971-4563


Polls Show Fallin In Trouble – DC Interest Groups Come Running

OKLAHOMA CITY – Joe Dorman, Democratic nominee for governor, held a press conference today to talk about the recent media buy from the Republican Governor’s Association (RGA) for Mary Fallin. 

“The RGA is spewing lies in the recent media buy for Governor Fallin. Once again she is hiding behind Washington bureaucrats and depending on others to do her bidding,” said Dorman. “Why is the Governor afraid? Fallin is obviously out of touch with not only Oklahomans, but how to effectively run a campaign.” 

The RGA purchased a $193,660 broadcast media buy in Oklahoma City and Tulsa to run September 24 through October 6 and $22,368 on cable networks for the same duration. The ad arguably claims that Fallin has stood up to Washington on gun control, Common Core, and taxes. 

“This is a commercial that highlights Fallin’s flip flops. She took $3 million from the Affordable Care Act, she was a staunch supporter of Common Core until a majority of Oklahomans were against the policy, when in Congress, Fallin voted for HR 7311 in 2008 to allow protection for immigrant children, and she promoted a property tax increase on the backs of working Oklahomans,” said Dorman. “I’m tired of the lies she is allowing her D.C. cronies and her spokesperson to spread.”

“It’s time Oklahoma had a Governor who is wiling to take the lead on tough issues and address the needs of our citizens. I will work for the best interests of Oklahomans and a true voice for our state.”

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18 Sep

Senator Newberry Violates Oklahoma Ethics Law

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 18, 2014

Contact: Trav Robertson

P: (405) 427-3366


Newberry fails to disclose expenses for golf, office furnishings, gifts and airfare in ethics reports

Is he willfully breaking the law or does he not understand the laws he writes…$4,404.33 on interior designs?”

Oklahoma City—Today the Oklahoma Democratic Party filed an ethics complaint against Senator Dan Newberry, R-Tulsa. An investigation revealed that the Republican Senator’s ethics reports disclose a person skirting Oklahoma ethics law by living on campaign funds.

“Once again, this is displays a serious pattern of bad behavior by the Republican leadership. Dan Newberry must believe that he is above the law or that laws don’t apply to the Majority Whip of the state Senate,” stated former Representative Wallace Collins.

Sections 257:10-1-7(3)(A)(B)(C)(D) and 257:10-1-14(12)(D) of Oklahoma Ethics Laws are clear that expenditures more than fifty dollars ($50.00) in the aggregate must be reported individually and described in such a way that a person reading the report can tell where and how the money was spent.

Contrary to the law, Senator Newberry’s ethics reports, lumps together almost twelve thousand dollars ($12,000.00) of unitemized expenditures including green fees, airfare, lodging and gifts.

Collins continued, “I have never been able to buy an airplane ticket or hotel room for under fifty ($50.00) bucks. He knew the cost of these expenses, and he knew what the law says about reporting. It is time for him to come clean or resign his leadership post for his willful violation of state ethics laws. If he claims he didn’t know the law—he should resign from his position immediately for not having the knowledge of Oklahoma’s laws.”


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