For Immediate Release
September 26, 2012
Contact: Trav Robertson

Markwayne Mullin’s First Ad Praises President Obama’s Stimulus

Oklahoma City – Republican candidate Markwayne Mullin’s (OK-02) first TV ad paints a rosy picture about the effects of President Obama’s stimulus. In his ad, Mullin discusses his company and the jobs he has created. Mullin’s own company received $370,000 from President Obama’s stimulus bill. While Mullin frequently attacks the stimulus bill, his own business, Mullin Plumbing, knowingly accepted and profited from stimulus funding.

“Since Markwayne Mullin’s company benefited and profited from President Obama’s stimulus plan, Mullin’s ad is essentially an ad for Obama and his stimulus,” said Oklahoma Democratic Party Chair Wallace Collins. “Mullin is happy to take government money when he benefits, and take credit for the help Obama has given his company in his ads, but then criticize the President for the same program he profited from. Voters in Oklahoma will never trust someone whose actions don’t match his deeds.”