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Media Contact:
Angela Allmond, Communications Director
Oklahoma Democratic Party

More GOP Voter Suppression Schemes

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK, FEBRUARY 9, 2021 – Voting rights are under attack. Republican lawmakers are once again targeting marginalized groups and the poor as more bills are filed to suppress voters’ rights.

“It seems every year at least one lawmaker introduces a bill trying to restrict voters’ ability to practice their constitutional rights. This session is no exception after a hotly contested election year while Republicans promulgated The Big Lie of ‘widespread voter fraud’ to overturn an election,” said Oklahoma Democratic Party Chair Alicia Andrews.

“More and more desperate schemes to keep minorities and low economic communities from voting continue to pop up around the country, including right here in Oklahoma,” Andrews continued.

“Zealous groups of GOP lawmakers want to wipe out registered voters and require people to reregister. They want to remove the Electoral College delegate vote from the people to Legislators and return to hand-counting, believing the falsehood that machines are defective with no proof to back up such claims.

“Democrats are not sitting by silently to these egregious acts of suppression. Oklahoma Democratic Legislators are working hard to make voting easier and more accessible with bills that would automatically register voters when they turn 18 or get their drivers license or ID, modifying notary requirements for mail-in ballots, and create a website for online voter registration,” she said.

“Oklahoma voters suffer when ease and accessibility to voting are restricted or removed, especially in communities of color and poor areas where getting to a polling location is challenging, or the mail-in ballot process is bogged down with bureaucracy. Republicans are fearful when Democrats turn out and will go to extreme lengths to push voting rights in their favor. This is un-American, un-democratic, and flat out disgraceful,” concluded Andrew.


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