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Angela Allmond, Communications Director
Oklahoma Democratic Party

Matt Who?

OKLAHOMA CITY—MARCH 21, 2022 – Who is Oklahoma’s Lt. Governor? That would be Matt Pinnell, but it’s no surprise that no one knows who he is, considering he’s been hiding his entire time in office. What has Pinnell been doing during his term?

“When Pinnell ran for Lieutenant Governor, he made the same old campaign promise to ‘make Oklahoma a top 10 state.’ But what has he actually done to accomplish this, and where has he been? Oklahoma falls at the bottom of every ranking study, and he has not demonstrated any significant contributions to move this state to a top 10 ranking,” stated Alicia Andrews, Chair of the Oklahoma Democratic Party

“But Pinnell is out there — on the freedom and choice bandwagon, at least on issues only he cares to identify with, like masks, vaccines, books, and curricula not even being taught in Oklahoma like Critical Race Theory. But his ‘choice’ perspective doesn’t apply to women’s bodies and the vast inequality here in Oklahoma, and he carefully cleans his hands of those choices. As Lieutenant Governor, Pinnell is responsible for community connections. How has Pinnell made a difference for freedom and choice in the communities he represents? He’s the Lt. Governor for all Oklahomans, not just those he wants to hide out with in his whitewashed communities leading from a distance and crying family values.

“He’s flip-flopping on issues bragging about his support on clean energy, yet turns around and bashes the Biden administration and panders to Stitt about how the U.S. should produce more energy to sell to our friends and allies. Which is it, Pinnell, do you support clean green energy or not? Republicans aren’t working on anything substantial, so all they can do is attack the President and block legislation, holding up Democracy for the sake of chaos.

“Pinnell continues to pander to Stitt and ultra-right people of his party. With no real agendas, Pinnell is just another nowhere-to-be-found Republican talking head who supports the ideologies of a losing-twice-impeached president and a failed overreaching governor,” concluded Andrews.


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