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Tom Perez on Latest Developments on DACA

DNC chair Tom Perez released the following statement on a judge’s decision last night to partially block President Trump from ending the DACA program, a decision Trump’s Department of Justice has already promised to challenge:

“The court’s decision is further proof that Donald Trump’s recision of DACA was never about the rule of law. It was about deporting Dreamers and using them as bargaining chips in future political negotiations while holding their futures hostage. Rather than following the court’s order and continuing to process applications, Trump and Jeff Sessions have already promised to challenge the court’s decision; it’s clear they would prefer instead to deport Dreamers.

“We must stand up to this administration. We cannot allow Trump and Republicans to continue to upend the lives of Dreamers and use them as pawns in their sick and twisted game. Congress must act immediately to provide a permanent solution. Dreamers are our neighbors, coworkers, and friends. They’re as American as you and me, and they share our values and strengthen our nation every day. We must not fail the hundreds of thousands of our young people who desperately need the DREAM Act.”