For Immediate Release
December 11, 2012
Contact: Trav Robertson


John Doak Relocates Insurance Dept. to Tulsa in a Costly Move

Oklahoma City– Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner, John Doak, is using the Oklahoma Insurance Department as his own personal toy box. During the past month he has spent $180,000 of taxpayer money on SWAT level shotguns and reinforced police vehicles for his anti-fraud unit, which he decimated over a year ago by firing six out of nine investigators. He continues a pattern of bad behavior by not serving the people of Oklahoma and instead focusing his attention on non-essential tasks.

“Why is he buying $180,000 worth of equipment for a unit that he obliterated? Does he want to create his own police force?” Asked Oklahoma Democratic Party Chair Wallace Collins. “The Insurance Commissioner is abusing his power as the head of that department by purchasing unnecessary weapons and vehicles, just so he can give them to his friends, so they can intimidate Oklahomans.”

In his newest scheme to raise taxes, Doak is planning to relocate the Insurance Department headquarters from Oklahoma City so he can be closer to his home in Tulsa. The move will increase the rent that Oklahoma taxpayers pay for from $2,000 per month to over $4,000 per month.

“Why is he focusing his administration on buying guns and moving offices?” Chairman Collins continued, “Instead of figuring out a solution to his self-created gap in health insurance coverage for newborns, he is going out for another round of target practice with his buddies.” 

John Doak started building his boy’s club back in January of 2011 when he fired most of the anti-fraud unit. He then put three former Republican legislators in charge, who are each receiving a base salary of $99,000 per year as Deputy Commissioners. The leader of the anti-fraud unit is former Senator Randy Brogdon, who was a heating and air conditioning specialist before his tenure in the legislature. 

Source: Insurance Officials Moving to Tulsa, (Tulsa World)