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House of Representatives


February 18, 2013


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House Democrats Comment on the Death of the Smoking Preemption Bill

in the State Senate


OKLAHOMA CITY- Democratic Leader Scott Inman, D-Del City, comments on the senate committee’s failure to pass the smoking preemption bill today:

“As much as Republicans talk about ‘local control,’ House Democrats are disappointed that Republican members of the Senate General Government Committee did not put their money where their mouths are and let Oklahomans decide smoking and tobacco laws for themselves. We were proud to stand with Governor Fallin, public health officials, and civic leaders from around the state in support of the smoking preemption legislation. Tobacco-related diseases are just one of the ways in which Oklahoma continues to fall behind in the area of public health. We missed an opportunity to improve our state’s overall health. House Democrats remain committed to working with the Governor to find a way bring local control of smoking ordinances to a vote on the House floor this session.”