[Oklahoma City, OK, February 29, 2016] No experience? No problem! This Republican field is not only the most extreme in recent memory, but also the least qualified in recent memory. Donald Trump has no experience in elected office whatsoever. Ted Cruz’s main contribution during his time in Washington has been shutting down the government he wants to lead. And Marco Rubio? His endorsers can’t even name a single accomplishment since he’s been in office! Just watch here. And here.

“Oklahoma knows what it is like to have incompetent elected leaders who put their personal needs before those of the people. As a result, we’ve ended up with Mary Fallin, Todd Lamb, and Scott Pruitt who’ve led us into a billion dollar budget failure, wasted taxpayer money over frivolous lawsuits and personal agendas, and refuse to do the hard work to make improvements. These unqualified Republican candidates will lead the country down the same path that our failed Republican state leadership has right here in Oklahoma,” said Sarah Baker, Communications Director for the Oklahoma Democratic Party.
Voters deserve a closer look at their unqualified Republican options. So the Democratic Party got a hold of their “resumes” to show voters the truth about these amateurs. Check them out here:
Baker emphasized that “President of the United States is not a job you can learn on the fly. From Trump’s bad business deals, to Ted Cruz’s temper tantrum that shut down the federal government and no-show Rubio’s lack of accomplishment, Americans deserve better.”