Dear Education Supporters:

Oklahoma is an extraordinary state and I am so proud it is my home. Over the last fourteen months I have met so many fantastic people. Most of them desperate for educational change. I am extremely proud of the part I have played in bringing issues to light.

With all the support for my candidacy, it is incredibly difficult to withdraw from the race for State Superintendent of Public Instruction.  My health will not allow me to continue the schedule needed to campaign for this office. I am winning the battles and will continue to fight the war.

To my supporters, your contributions started the conversations of change every time I spoke at an event. Your kind words kept me going when days were difficult. I can never begin to express how much your belief in me kept me working toward positive change.

My career in education is far from over, and it is time for me to focus on my school family at Bennington. There are buildings to be built, stock shows to attend and successes to celebrate.  It will not be me leading education, but wherever I am children will come first.

Thank you,

Donna Anderson