DNC on Increase in Uninsured Rate under Trump

DNC Chair Tom Perez released the following statement after it was reported that the share of uninsured Americans increased for the first time since the Affordable Care Act took full effect:

“The American people have had enough of Trump’s broken promises. He lied when he said that more people would have health care. He lied when he said it would be cheaper. He lied when he said people with preexisting conditions would be protected. He lied when he said he wouldn’t try to cut Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid. But he’s going to face the harsh truth on Election Day when voters across the country tell him to pack his bags and sell his snake oil somewhere else.

“Democrats believe that access to quality, affordable care is a right for all, not a privilege for the wealthy. And that’s why we’re going to win up and down the ballot in 2020.”