Contact: State Rep. Wade Rousselot

Capitol: (405) 557-7388


Ceremonial Signing Held for Victims’ Rights Bill


OKLAHOMA CITY – A ceremonial signing held today recognizes the passage of an important new law that will allow Oklahomans to obtain lifetime victim protective orders, according to the bill’s author, state Rep. Wade Rousselot – (D), House District 12.

            House Bill 2396, authored by Rousselot, extends the time in which a victim protective order remains in effect from three to five years and allows for a continuous victim protective order under certain conditions.

            “Oklahoma, along with the rest of the nation is plagued with domestic violence,” said Rousselot. “The victims of this mental and physical abuse are usually, but not always, women. When a victim fears for their safety because of escalating threats or even instances of violent behavior, they seek a form of protection, just as any of us would. A protective order sets boundaries between the victim and their tormentor. If violated, the tormentor goes to prison.”

            Rousselot said in order to renew a protective order, a victim has to face their tormentor in court. Extending the length of time in which the order remains in effect and allowing for a continuous protective order in certain cases, places less of a burden on the victim, he said.

            “The continuous protective order ensures the victims who have the most egregious tormentors do not have to face them every five years in court in order to renew the order,” said Rousselot.